We have full service grooming now available at both our Keith Bridge and Bethelview locations. Read more about our groomers below.

Keith Bridge Location

3540 Keith Bridge Rd, Cumming, GA 30041

(770) 844-7275


After his grooming with Cindy, Leo Capizza is ready to go to work!

Jake the Yorkie

Jake the Yorkie was groomed by Cindy Muir.

I want to thank everyone for such a warm welcome as we begin grooming at the Keith bridge road location! I have loved dogs with a passion since I was a little girl. I knew the name and breed of every dog in our neighborhoods before I knew the name of the kid next door. I had too much trouble with the sciences to go to Vet school so gave up the idea of vet school, got a bachelors degree in psychology and worked in that field for many years, working at different times with adolescents, terminally ill individuals, and alcoholics and drug addicts.

In my late 30’s my life changed and a series of what I believe to be God inspired coincidences led me into grooming and showing in dog shows. Doing this feels like a calling and I LOVE what I do. I’m kind, gentle, and patient and have a wealth of knowledge in dog care including skin care, coat care, and styles. I look forward to meeting many more of you. I will be posting regularly on issues related to my field. If you have specific questions or even wonderful stories about your dogs I would like to hear it.


Cindy Muir, Grooming with a Tender Touch

Bethelview Location

4335 Bethelview Rd, Cumming, GA 30040

(770) 888-3130

Portugese Water Dog

Jacci and a Portugese Water Dog


Jacci groomed cute little Brandi, a Yorkie!

Jacci has joined the Rucker Pet team! She has been grooming for over 12 years and offers services including, but not limited to: breed cuts, puppy cuts, shave downs, desheds, and more.

Jacci has worked in the animal industry since her teens, and also volunteers with several different rescue organizations.

Her very first rescue was a wayward chicken that had escaped from the chicken farm across the street from Jacci’s childhood home in Alabama. Jacci was only 4 at the time, but her Mom quickly learned to expect any and all kinds if animals to grace Jacci’s pockets or arms at the end of any given day. “Regina” the chicken, was Jacci’s best friend for the rest of her chicken life, and inspired Jacci to always have a loving and gentle hand with all of God’s creatures.

Jacci had worked in the field of veterinary care for a long time, but found that grooming allows her to combine her artistic side, her love for animals and working with people to be a perfect mix for her career goals.

Jacci uses positive reinforcement and a gentle hand with all of her clients and pets and is quick to communicate with a pet’s “person” the individual needs of that pet and tips for care and maintenance in between grooming appointments.

Outside of grooming, Jacci is very active in her church community, riding her motorcycle, and enjoys sharing her home with her two dogs, two cats and her pet leopard gecko named “Spot”.