Organic Feed

Rucker Pet carries New Country 100% organic chicken feed. If you purchased your backyard flock to have the most natural nutrition readily available for your family, don’t forget about feeding the chickens as good as you want their eggs to be. New Country Organics are 100% USDA certified Organic. Consider this from New Country Organic‘s Website:

“Our feeds are formulated with the best health of the animal in mind. We do not change our nutritional formulas due to cost fluctuations of specific ingredients, so your animals receive the same feed throughout their feeding cycle. We do not utilize “least cost” formulations.

Our feed is fresh. We grind and mix in milling runs designed to keep just the right quantities on hand – stocked to maximize freshness while ensuring there is always ample feed to meet increasing needs.

We believe certified organic grains are healthier, safer and more nutritious for your animals and for the products you and your customers consume from them. New Country Organics is soy-free. Multi-grain formulations provide a complete amino acid complement.”

Purina Layena

Purina Layena®

Optimum nutrition for healthy birds and nutritious eggs. A 16%-protein, high-calcium ration formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and yeast for top-producing laying hens once they reach 18 weeks of age.

Now with NEW Oyster Strong System™ for strong shells. Oyster shell provides another source of calcium when the hens need it most. Oyster shell is a larger particle size than limestone. This means that oyster shell will stay in the digestive tract longer and will provide a source of calcium for egg shell production over a longer period of time than smaller particle sources of calcium. This is especially important at night when egg shell formation is rapidly occurring and dietary sources of calcium are limited because the bird is not eating.

Supplies and Supplements


From feeders to waterers to cleaning supplies, we carry everything you and your backyard flock will need to keep moving forward producing delicious eggs. You’ll even find diatomaceous earth to keep your chickens free of those pesky little mites – naturally. Ask about our chicken coolers; the best way to keep your chickens water fresh and clean for days.


Don’t forget about grit or oyster shells. Adult chickens need grit in order to digest their food, and oyster shells add extra calcium making your hen’s eggs stronger and healthier for you. During those hot summer days, adding electrolytes to their food can be key in preventing dehydration and lethargy in your flock.

In the event one of your chickens was to get sick, Rucker Pet carries several antibiotics to get your chicken back to health in no time.