Cat Products

Cat Products

Whether you are looking for the best food, treats, or supplies for your feline friend, Rucker Pet has everything you will need.

Cat eating food

Cat Food and Supplements

Rucker Pet carries raw, dehydrated, freeze dried and grain free food (to name a few) for your feline friends! Supplements can also help with any of those pesky issues like crystals, hairballs, or smelly litter.

Cat Treats

Dogs don’t get to have all the fun. Find a wide variety of tasty and wholesome treats for your favorite kitty. Find Greenies which help keep their teeth clean, or freeze-dried anchovy’s to make their hearts go wild.

Cat Supplies

Don’t forget about the litter, collars or toys. Litter does not have to stink, so don’t let it! And though your cat may sleep most of the day, make the time they are awake the time of their lives with fun new toys.